Racheal Scotland, Illustrator

Tasha Fuller, Author

Racheal Scotland  started drawing at a very young age. Art was always a hobby until she decided to continue her education in Visual Communications and Interior Design. Racheal taught herself how to draw digitally and works full time as an artist, specializing in portraits and character art.

Racheal finds inspiration from everyday life and moments from her childhood. Her style focuses on semi-realistic, fantastical and young women. Capturing a gentleness and emotion, but strength in the same breath.

Racheal resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Once upon a time...

Tasha Fuller is coming off the overwhelming success of her first two children's books, It's Bath Time Baby, featuring her oldest daughter Aukema and Little Freddie's in a Zone, starring her son and his love for all things sports. It was only a matter of time before her youngest daughter Amira would haveher moment to shine.  Tasha fulfills her daughter's desire to be a "real" Princess with the release of Mommy I want to be a Princess.

Tasha, using both parenting and poetry, takes Amira on a whimsical journey to demonstrates the true meaning of a Princess. Amira is presented with opportunities to build character along her journey through kindness and compassion, she learns that being a real Princess is not about crowns and gowns, but what's in your  heart and how you make people feel.

Tasha, continuing to operate in her gifts and flow in her passion, is writing a book on marriage with her husband Freddie and is preparing for her fourth children's book Chores, Chores, Chores.

Tasha, currently resides in Virginia with her husband Freddie II and their three children Aukema, Freddie III and Amira.